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The Ministry of labor warned Saudi Arabia expatriates from the obligation to pay the increase, according to the text of the resolution

Raise the taxes of expatriate labor and this is the collection of a financial amount of 500 riyals each month, or equivalent to 6500 riyals once a year and this of all the real estate sector allocated. The number of foreign labor force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The decree was issued.

Which was distributed by the Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia, said that "these properties will be obliged to pay this financial compensation for each migrant worker more than a moderate number of labor Saudi Arabia in those properties." The decree excluded children from Saudi Arabia, Gulf employment and domestic employment.

The decree of the Saudi cabinet issued last year stipulates that the Ministry of Labor shall be the executing agency of the decision. It shall collect the financial remuneration towards the production or updating of work permits for expatriate workers.

On the other hand, a leading source in the Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia said that the real estate in which the number of labor force Saudi Arabia for the expatriate will not be obliged to pay that increase, according to the article of the decree.

The author of the decree stressed that the purpose of the decree is to exaggerate the competitive advantage of national labor market by reducing the gap between the cost of expatriate labor on the one hand and national employment on the other.

The passports also revealed a recent decree in which some important issues related to the transfer of sponsorship to workers in certain occupations were mentioned.

Banning the transfer of sponsorship, a citizen inquired through the account officially recognized by the General Directorate of Passports on Twitter, stating: "My dear teacher .. Can the wife transfer her sponsorship from her spouse to her father if the residence is over? I hope to respond God bless you. "

In response to the Civil, the Directorate General of Passports stressed that the transfer of sponsorship of some residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been prohibited in certain cases.

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