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Saudi Arabia has announced the implementation of royal orders to deport expatriates and expatriates in these professions and to terminate their employment contracts in Saudi Arabia.

Royal orders indicated that residents in these professions were given only worried months to arrange their affairs, but the period ended and the months became only 3 days before they left.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development announced its decision to launch Saudization for the previously announced occupations and sent an important warning to all residents in these professions that start next week, and will renew the stay suspended in preparation for the implementation of the saudization of professions and sectors. Professions, in order to inform the Ministry of Labour for all of the start date of Saudization.

The Ministry of Labour in Saudi Arabia has confirmed that the first sectors that will begin with Saudization next week are grocery activities, ration goods, mobile vehicles and commercial centers. The ministry confirmed that the work will be limited in these sectors and activities for Saudis only, where the percentage of emiratization in these sectors will be 100% and the second phase, the Saudization will be applied in the pharmacy sector as well as 100%. .

The following list of sectors to be evaluated in the coming period

The sales sector is to be held

The pharmacy sector is to be held

The accounts sector is to be held

The engineering sector is scheduled for graduation

According to recent statistics, the number of sectors and occupations in which expatriates are employed and those who have been deported has been officially handed over.

Why did the kingdom go to the back of professions and sectors?

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