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The Malta government has issued a new law for all car owners where

The state of Malta or the island of Malta is currently heavily subsidized in the automobile industry, which makes it totally dependent on the importation of cars. As unsecured cars registered abroad, they still flock to Malta - cars that may become involved in traffic jams at one time or another. - Maltese vehicle drivers ultimately pay the price of illegal entry into the country.

In a related context, the phenomenon has been going on for years, and since it is not possible to track the owners of these vehicles, primarily from Libya, when it is related to the reduction of tickets traffic violations, the case, if left without medication, must also affect the institutions Maltese insurance and drivers with restricted income also.

In the story, according to insurance industry specialists, the main issue lies in the growing number of vehicles registered in Libya, which cross into Malta, via Tunisia and Italy. In the absence of statements immediately from Libya to Malta at present, it is believed that these cars are usually made their way from Libya to Tunisia, where they are shipped on ferry to neighboring Italy, and from there to Malta.

The problem is that when these cars enter the country from Italy, the Maltese government is obliged to allow them to enter the country without inviting documents.

This is the case, based on insurance manufacturers, leading to a "slip" especially as the government does not exclusively do not request documentation for those cars, but does not take details of those cars in accordance with the fact that it entered the country from another republic member of the European Alliance.

An insurance official told the Malta Independent on Sunday that Maltese vehicle drivers find themselves in a difficult and embarrassing situation: "The problem is that the majority of these cars are not locked up, which means that the insurance companies will be able to settle the damage, Have been involved in catastrophes in Malta, and this is a joint venture sponsored by local insurance companies. "

"Unfortunately, the results are not good overall, and in the end, local vehicle drivers have to participate more as a result of foreign vehicles, the unsecured that walk our roads."

"In many cases, it is not possible to return them to anyone because their names or addresses are not present."

"Normally, security guards and officers are required to take the necessary actions in the wake of a car accident if they find that they are not insured, and it remains problematic to secure the transport of the vehicle when our customers are not guilty, and the owners can not know."

The fear is that many of these cars were stolen in Libya after the unrest that followed the collapse of the Qadhafi pattern. Which reinforces the fact that many car owners do not claim their claim when they are detained by the Maltese security forces.

Many in the insurance industry are demanding that something be done, regardless of the regulations of the European Union that enthuse the freedom of movement within the bloc.


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