This Is How To Train Your Dog To Toilet!

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Since you have decided to have a dog then that means, you’re a parent now. As a parent of a dog, you need to teach and train your dog, as you’ll teach your baby. Your dog is one of the family members now, and to be treated as one, you need to train your dog well.

Believe me, when you spend some quality time training your dog (especially when your new best friend is a puppy), you’ll have a relaxed life and build a strong bond.

If you have a dog and your dog spends most of his/her time at home and doesn’t go out much, then this training will be a life savior for you and your dog!

It’s really obvious why toilet training is vital for your dog even though the training itself is going to be somehow tough for both of you. Nevertheless, with patience and good techniques, you can have a dog well trained to use the toilet.

How To Effectively Train Your Dog To Toilet:

  1. Familiarity Dog Comfort:

Make sure you take your dog outdoors to the same place every time. Basically, this is just helping your dog realize that “this is the spot” and now he/she needs to do their business.

  1. Treat success!

Certainly, after your best furry friend has done the thing, it’s time for a little prize (of course that means giving him/her favorite treat!) or maybe go for a walk.

  1. Regular Meal Times:

One important tip for dog parents to maintain always is a feeding schedule for your babies (in our case, your dog). As a result, there should be no snacks between your dog’s meals.

  1. Stay Out With Your Dog:

When it’s time for your dog to have some potty time outside, just show your dog some care and stay with him/her until they finish.

  1. Allow Regular Potty Breaks:

Mainly, you need to take care of your pup and offer several chances to do their business in the yard. Start by taking your dog as soon as you wake up; then, take your dog outside every 30-60 minutes (especially after waking up from a nap).

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